Spike Boydell

A philosographer at the nexus of photography, cinematography and the sociological imagination of people, place & property.

Let's kick this section off with 'a sort of' win

Well, I think it is a 'win' in as much as it potentially legitimises my documentary project on customary land in the Pacific.  This week I have accepted (after a few years lacuna) an honorary position at the University of the South Pacific to support research students and academic  publications from staff.  But why is that of relevance or worth sharing with the Ungated Community?

The real value of this unpaid role is that it creates an 'Ungated' opportunity for me.  As a Sydney based filmmaker it simultaneously removes certain gatekeepers whilst opening doors as I am able to undertake research in a sensitive area 'officially' under the auspices of a regional university, as an insider with a legitimate right to be conducting fieldwork in my particular area of academic expertise.  It simultaneously provides cultural protection for participants who consent to being filmed and also for me as the filmmaker by being able to run the documentary proposal through a comprehensive set of Human Research Ethics clearance protocols at the university.

Obviously, given prevailing travel restrictions, I am not going to be flying back into Oceania any time soon to visit the twelve member countries of the University (Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Niue, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu & Vanuatu). Importantly the 'win' puts the onus on me as it removes any excuses in planning, progressing ethics applications and seeking filming approval from respective Ministries of Cultural and Ethnic Affairs in the coming year whilst waiting for travel restrictions to ease.
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Greetings from Sydney!

Hi, I’m Spike and it is nice to be part of the Ungated community.  I have been inspired by Rob since I heard the first episode of his carefully and thoughtfully curated Filmmaker Freedom podcast back in June 2017.

I live deep in rainforest in a sleepy hamlet some 65km south of Sydney, on the southern fringe of the Royal National Park just a short perambulation from a spectacular coastline.  

It seems that I am the only Spike Boydell on the internet, so I am pretty easy to find should you be so moved, albeit a Google search will likely take you into the labyrinth of my former academic career.  These days I describe myself as a philosographer, and aspirant documentary filmmaker exploring customary land in Pacifica.

Stay safe, stay well and I hope that I can be of service.
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