finishing Ylem & Humming Drums

heya, thanks for making this space Rob :)  i've got 2 films in post-production and it's my dream to get them out of it!

What are you committing to? getting the short film to picture lock, then starting the sound design, grade and music process with those teams

What's your deadline? 14th December (it's almost there!)

Stakes? some kind of public embarrassment - I guess I'll comment here on the 14th about whether I've made it or not!

thank you guys!! (oh and some stills from the film are here if you're interested! https://www.unaosu.com/work/ylem ) best of luck with your own projects! 

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Writer, Director & Editor in Glasgow, UK

hey all! hope you're doing well in these crazy times :) 

  • Where do you live? What are you currently working on?
I'm a filmmaker and editor living in Glasgow, currently editing a feature I directed in 2019, and a short film I directed in October. Also writing a web series on rhetoric and climate action.

  • What does your ideal business/career look like? 
The ideal would be to just keep working on my own stuff - I currently do lots of freelance editing to make ends meet, and I'd rather do less of that.

  • What's your favorite snack food?
Peanut butter! I could eat it for days

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