Roger Farley
Building a publication tech stack.

Greetings from Chicago

I'm currently in the process of starting some new ventures at the intersection of investing, start-ups, low-code development, collaborative research, and data design and integration. I'm interested in creating communities and hope to do so by building an audience. 

The best use of my writing (I actually have a masters degree in writing poetry from Johns Hopkins University in 1987) occurred several decades ago after meeting a girl from Australia, I wrote her 57 letters over the course of a year and we subsequently got married and raised six wonderful children.

Combining my background as a writer and a power user of computers (granted, this was a long time ago), I became intensely involved in the financial markets as a proprietary trader and investor. My first week on the job included the October, 1987 stock market crash. In addition, I've personally invested in approximately 50 early stage companies and ventures, and closely reviewed thousands of businesses and start-up ideas.

I am currently combining several research best practices into a complete data and collaboration research tool for investors. My goal is to help investors know what they own and why they own it. 

Much of what I want to do will involve building an audience with compelling long form content. Maybe a few of us who don't want to become weekly bloggers can find a way to combine effectively.

In my spare time, I will drop anything to hang out with my kids. I also am trying to get better at foiling--it truly is a magic carpet ride to fly above the waves.
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