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Ever Espana


Master Procrastinator Looking For A Change, South Florida

I am a developer by day and run a small marketing agency for small businesses by night. 

I've been slowly working towards launching a membership website in the self-help and marketing space. So I have been researching and buying my equipment with the hopes of getting more involved in content-creating. My goal is to build a niche business around one or two of my passions and finding my 1000 True Fans.


  • Helping others and teaching them how I overcome their self-doubts and showing them the same method I used to start taking action.
  • Internet Marketing like e-commerce and lead generation.
**On a side note been a bit distracted with NFTs lately and learning more about them.

My perfect online business is creating a course that teaches people a lifestyle where they become action takers and commit to their values.

Okay, I have too many favorite snacks to list...Sheila G's brownie brittle and Talenti Chocolate Mint take the top two spots for now. If you haven't tried these before...your welcome!

If anyone needs help please reach out.


Find Me On All Social Media @everespana

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