Daniel Jude

Director & Digital Artist
Hello there! I'm a freelance Director & Digital Artist who's into storytelling, music and on a quest to explore the creative process.

Launch my Blog in January

What are you committing to?
In the first week of January I will launch my blog where I lay out the whole creative process behind my new short film.
What's your deadline?
January 6th to be precise.
What's at stake?
My sanity first and foremost. Have to get it out of my system. And of course public shaming by all the people who know of my plans.Β 

Actually wanted to commit to launch the Landing Page for the blog, but I did launch it today! Who would have thought? πŸ˜…
It is in German though, for those who are interested 😏
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Hey everyone

I'm Daniel, director and digital artist from Frankfurt, Germany. Currently working on a short film and taking a deep dive into marketing and the creative process.
Happy to be here.
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