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Olรก from Portugal

Hey, everyone!
I'm Nico, currently researching for a documentary about my great-grandfather's life (researching events that are over 100 years old = never ending sto-oryyyyyy...). It'll be my first feature-length film, as I've done mostly short activist videos, so far. Oh, and I once directed a short-film, but there's ONE shot in there that really does my head in, so I've never shown it to anyone [all the perfectionists in the house say HEEEEEY! ๐Ÿ˜‡ ].
I've started some sort of niche research, but then realised I need to be WAY more clear on what (and how) I want to say with my doc before going down that road. One rabbit hole at a time, right?ย 
Look forward to learning from and walking alongside you all.
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