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 Rob Hardy  Thanks for the reply.  I noticed from a tweet that Newsletter Glue is working on a Convertkit integration.  I'm super interested, but I haven't been able to find any sites that explain Newletter Glue's superiority over other methods.  I thought maybe you could point me in the right direction.
Identity Theorem
I like the sound of that.
Newsletterglue sounds really cool!  Can you tell me more about it?
I downloaded his pdf and skimmed through it and it's mostly hype, like most of such promotional materials.  The difference with Julian.com is that Julian actually finds the best information and lays it out without the hype.  He does spell out the benefits, because we're human and we won't keep reading unless we know what's in it for me.  But there's no hype.  He's simply relying on people like me who appreciate his work enough to pass it on.

By the way I tried to download one of the guides that Primoz linked to in his PDF and guess what?  It's a dead link now.  I went to Wayback Machine and skimmed the article and yep, it was hype too.  No wonder it's not around anymore.  Good quality information has staying power.  Hype is here today, gone tomorrow.

I love it!  Thank you, I'm looking forward to diving into this one too.  I hope we can keep the momentum going here.

If anyone can find (or make!) an ultimate guide to ultimate guides, we'll know we've truly struck the mother lode.

To keep the ball rolling, I googled "ultimate guide to ultimate guides" and found some that are recommended by Search Engine Journal:

I can't attest to these personally, but SEJ is putting their reputation on the line by calling these "examples of ultimate guides that get it right."
Thank you for sharing this.  I especially like the part where he defines audience building as "building trust at scale."  I like this way of thinking.  Rather than focus on myself when I'm writing something (which creates uncertainty), I need to focus on answering someone's question.

I followed the "ebomb" link at the bottom of the article and learned another powerful point:  Don't just write like you're answering a question for a single person.  Actually find a person with a question and answer it for them.  And then find another person with the same question and share the answer you've already written.  I plan to incorporate this method into my growth strategy.
Hi Rob, first of all, you're not alone.  Last year I started making the transition from cog in a big wheel to independent creator, and this month I unexpectedly got laid off from my job.  I'm thankful I already got started, or I'd be completely lost.  I often face moments of uncertainty, and I've been looking for a group of like-minded people to join.  

I discovered you from your October post Building the Perfect Membership Publication Tech Stack.  It really resonated with me so I checked out your other work and I can tell you and I see many things the same way.  That's why I decided to join this community instead of another one like Ness Labs (I thought about joining that one but never did).  

I hope my story is validation for what you are doing.  I hope we can all help keep each other going through the dark times.