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James Wilder

Writer Blogger Texas
Writer/blogger and enjoy photography.

Writer/Blogger from Waco Texas


My name is James Wilder and I live in Waco, Texas. I previously lived in Austin, Texas.

I've been blogging since 2000. I have built many websites in several niches (programming, motorcycles, cars, spirituality, photography, travel, iconic furniture, car products, microbusiness, and some I forgot about). And yes, in 2000 we built our own blogs with Notepad, PERL and CGI.bin. Arrr.

I am currently writing about success principles and practices. I will attempt to embody success principles and spread them like Johnny Appleseed.

My definition of success is "living a life of integrity while pursuing my dreams in a way that serves others."

My ideal business would be creating products that help people apply success principles that help them achieve their dreams.

I enjoy architecture, design, photography, cars, and much more.

I currently like graham crackers.

My Website:


Thank you for your time.

To your success!

James Wilder
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