Hey everyone! I'm a horror filmmaker who directs shorts. I'm in development for my first 2 features.

Release two horror features in 2021

  1. What are you committing to? Releasing two horror features in 2021-- I don't care about any variable but releasing them, even on vimeo OTT. I've done 12 shorts and it's becoming a crutch. I'm terrified to take that first plunge. I've  already written two feature scripts that are ready to go. It's now just about having the right mental and going for it. 
  2. What's your deadline? December 31st, 2021 I need to release the second horror feature.
  3. (Optional) What's at stake? I'll always wonder what if-- I'll be on my death bed and regret not leaving everything on the field.

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Hello from Los Angeles

Hi everyone!
My name is Jacob, I'm a horror filmmaker from Los Angeles. I make short films with the end game of directing features. I'm looking to niche down in a genre that's oversaturated. Looking forward to connecting 
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