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Nick LaRovere

Storyteller & Adventurer
I like to tell stories, go on adventures, teach filmmaking, and share thoughts on important topics in the filmmaking and adventure/lifestyle niches.

Storyteller, Adventurer, Film Educator in Tempe AZ

Howdy folks.
I'm a filmmaker in Tempe, Arizona. As a child, I was given stirrups, a cowboy hat, and a cap-gun revolver (with holster). So yes, I think that qualifies me as a proper pioneer/cowboy.

In all seriousness, I have been filmmaking for 7 years (commercial and creative), educating other filmmakers for about 2.5 years, and this past year I started making adventure films and exploring concepts revolving around the 'pioneer' mindset,  and adventure/outdoor lifestyle.

Right now, I'm publishing content while trying to narrow down exactly what my long-term goals are for my Art of Survival site.

I want to make my two sites do well enough to largely support me so I can be free to live where I like and control my schedule more.

My favorite snack food is a secret. But if you ask nicely, maybe I'll tell you.
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