This Circle community is closing (and being reborn in Mighty Networks)

Hey peeps!

In case you missed my announcement from this morning, I'm merging the Ungated community into another one I've been running for years. This new mega community is called the Ungated Collective, and it lives inside Mighty Networks. So this Circle community is closing down soon.

Here's the full scoop on why this move is happening.
Even though I really enjoy Circle as a platform, Mighty Networks just meets my needs better for this particular project. Partly because their course platform is awesome, and partly because I've already got a thriving community over there, instead of the ghost town this place was becoming. So it'll be better for everyone!

Anyhow, y'all should have received emails from me to join the new community. But if not, you can join directly by clicking this magic link.

Cheers, and see you in the Ungated Collective!